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REVIEW: Sturtevant Falls- Waterfall Hike

Ready to get a good hike in? Welcome to Sturtevant Falls in Los Angeles County, CA. Near the outskirts of Los Angeles, the drive to this hike is not for the faint of heart! You will be on a thin road, and some of the locals fly down it. It can be rather intimidating BUT the views are spectacular!

Driving up the mountain, you will see cars parked along side it. Take your chances/risk if you'd like. Me, I'd like to come back and my car still be there or not worry about sneezing and falling off the side of the cliff as I'm getting out the car. So I recommend paying the parks, parking lot fee. CAVEAT!!! If you get there early there are parking spots, early is before 8am. And they are FREE. By 9a even the paid lot is full and I don't know what or where to tell you to park at that point (sorry). GO EARLY!

If you forgot water, or need a walking stick.. There is a small store on the parking lot, you'll

have to visit its cashier if you got paid parking. Cant miss it. Its also where the locals say Mules and Donkeys are called from to drop off supplies to their homes tucked deep into the mountain. You'll notice huge chunks of poop while out there. I wondered how or who had horses that high, but later found a friendly local who spilled the tea!

DO NOT think you will have a pleasant bathroom to squat in when you arrive. It is beyond public park and beach disgusting. Its mortifying I'll be uploading the video review I did which will show you the crime scene. Signs adorn both bathrooms with signs that due to COVID the bathrooms are either locked or not kept up. Use at your own risk. Them thangs look like they have COVID, SARS, Swine Flue and a few STDs.

The hike... Please be ready to release all the nasty energies, tensions and inhale the fresh air and friendliness on this hike. Even with masks on people are really kind as groups and singles of person trail up and down this hike. Ive been going in the summer and its hot as fish grease out! The beginning of the hike is maybe 40% shaded. Think its appropriate during this season to come out in your bikini's, at its hottest 115 degrees. Tan..or Burn? Pick your season and attire appropriately! and wear sunblock!

Its a very rocky and sandy truck. Wear sneakers with some grip. Once you start headed down into the low areas of the mountain, it is shaded! And so beautiful! You'll pass pretty streams (hopefully they aren't dry when you go) , a bunch of cabins (which unfortunately some clowns feel they cant use paper to write on so they use peoples property.. Blows my mind how people think that's cool. We cant even read the ish stupid! who are you again? and wtf do you have to say to us all that's so important? I hope they're fined, just rude!)

Didn't see much wildlife. I guess due to the high amount of traffic the animals know when to stay away. I think I saw 1 rabbit. And I could have just made that up. I did have to cross a few small lakes, required a little planning and balancing to not fall in and get your feet wet.. But hilarious when someone else does AHAHAHAH!!

When you arrive at the waterfall, there are people in it, sitting around, playing music, picnicking. Its quite the "watering hole" experience and really just awesome to see , especially so close to the city.

Took my squad a total of 45 minutes to hike 1 way. Total 3.5 miles round trip. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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