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RECIPES: Seared Chicken with Creamy Potatoes and Kale Family Recipe

Like you, I too get bombarded with ads based on my online viewing. Yep, search trackers. I was looking for something inexpensive, and relatively quick to throw together for dinner. Bertolli kept showing me ads for their Alfredo sauce, they GOT ME! I'm really picky when it comes to cheese sauces, has to be worth the potential bubble guts being lactose intolerant right? Their ad made the dish look amazing. So I had to try it out. A Seared Chicken with Creamy Potatoes and Kale family recipe.

Difficulty Level: 7 : Because of the multi tasking and close eye you have to keep at each stage. Its not one and done.

Overall Rating: 7: The kids killed this. It wasn't too fancy for their palates and I was able to get them to eat their greens.

Notes: From my experience, I'd keep the stems out the kale. Take a step further, I think it would be better if you pre cooked the kale for a more tender veggie. Collards would be a FIRE substitute.



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