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RECIPES: Buffalo/Hot Wings

WooHoo!! I LOVE quick recipes like the next MOM especially when it's a CLASSIC like Buffalo /Hot Wings. Nothing beats an Original Hot Buffalo Wing (Flats for me please) especially if done right. Now, truth be told I thought making Hot Wings was a lot harder. A Very special THANK YOU to Kokeya owner of "Taste of Koko" Catering for putting us on game sharing this recipe with us online!


- Chicken Wings or Party Wings/Drummettes

- Franks Original Red Hot Sauce

- Your Favorite Chicken Seasoning ( Lawrys Polo Adobo is delicious!)

- Frying Oil


1: Wash and Brine your chicken. 15 minutes minimum (depending on how much and how large your pieces, time will vary)

2: Towel blot your chicken, Lightly Salt and Season all sides

3: Prep the Hot Sauce by warming it on the stove. Be sure to keep eye not to scortch it or let it over bubble and splatter (quite the mess) keep the heat low.

4: Prep Frying Oil. Fry Daddies are a dream come true, no popping. Just drop your basket and BOOM. Pan frying taste extra delicious for all the work you put into it! ANY frying oil will do: : Vegetable, Canola, Coconut, Peanut. Heat your oil over medium High Heat (or 375 on your Fry Daddy). You can tell the oil is ready when you hear it crackling. Do the water test if you arent sure (water test: wet your fingers and flick water at the oil. If it snaps back, SHE READY!)

Drop your chicken into hot oil and let them thangs fry for 7-10 minutes. They will start to turn golden brown. I prefer a " Hard Fry" so I essentially double fry them (closer to 10 -12 minutes)

As soon as your wings are thoroughly cooked, transfer them over immediately to your warming Buffalo Sauce and give them a few turns and stirs to get them drenched.

Pull em out and ENJOY!!!!


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